Our Story


Mountain Natives is a folk rock band from Dallas, TX.
Overcoming cancer has given Philip Pappas and his wife Loren a new vision for life.
He had just turned 27, met the woman who was to become his wife, was pursuing his craft of music,
and then he got CANCER.

His soon to be fiance pointed out a mole on his shoulder and asked him to go to the dermatologist. The mole was more than twice the size it needed to be to metastasize and spread malignant melanoma throughout his body. It was biopsied. And it was cancerous. He was then referred to an oncologist for surgery to find where the cancer had spread. After a rally of prayer from loved ones, a surprised doctor sent Philip home from surgery with a 5 inch scar on his shoulder.

The cancer was gone. 

The music that was produced by Philip and Loren was not from a place of wallowing in the doubt of life or death. These songs were born from a place of hope and gratitude to be alive. Philip and Loren write from a place to give hope to listener and to enjoy the life you have in the present.  Philip and Loren want you to believe in the hope that the impossible is possible. Mountains of adversity can be thrown into the sea.

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