Mountain Natives announce new Album 

 The Dallas Fort Worth indie folk duo released their debut album "Essential' in 2015 to express what it means to be alive after cancer. Currently, Mountain Natives are working on new songs.  

Philip Pappas says "We still want to sing about the essentials of life in the face of death. When I discovered my time is shorter than I realized my priorities changed. I want to spend more time with my wife and more time making music."  His wife Loren agrees, "We want to sing more about our love and what it means to be home." 

The duo have toured extensively in 2015-2016 traveling to Atlanta, Asheville, Tupelo, Nashville, Albuquerque, Abliene, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Napa, Redding, Portland, and Seattle. The band says, "When you come out to our shows, come up and talk to us, we want to hear your stories of overcoming hardship. You can also share your stories with us by following us on Facebook and Instagram." 

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