New Album "Let in the Light"

Releasing music during a worldwide pandemic isn't what cancer survivor, Philip, and his wife, Loren, expected to happen last year when they started to record their single. However, "Let in the Light" sounds like it was written just for this time. With so much darkness in the world it's now more important than ever to let in the light instead of negativity. "This is not anxious music for an anxious time. This is music that grabs you out of the darkness and distills a calm into your world," Philip says. Mountain Natives last release, "We Call Each Other Home," was a move to rich 70's folk-harmonies and themes about travel, love, bad jobs, and working out relationships. "This new batch of songs is more personal than ever," says Loren, "It's about finding hope when all else says there isn't any. When Philip had cancer it made me realize that I'd felt helpless and hopeless most of my life. It seemed there wasn't anything I could do for him. It was an existential abyss. After he was healed, the triumph initiated a need to finally deal with deeply personal matters that had left me inwardly broken. This song is a sweet examination of the heart that brings healing to the hopeless places of the soul."


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